An online ordering &
CRM platform designed
for local restaurants

Focal Eats

Focal Eats was designed with local restaurants in mind to help take control of their own business and begin to eliminate 3rd party delivery companies. Grow your business exponentially while retaining and growing your database all while adding more percentage profit to the bottom line. Focal Eats is the only CRM integrated restaurant ordering platform created in Vancouver.

About CRM Systems

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps manage customer data. It supports sales management, delivers actionable insights, integrates with social media, and facilitates team communication to grow your guest base. Focal Eats was built by a restauranteur with the focus on ease of operation and an IT Specialist with an extensive background in creating CRM systems.


  • Turn-key solution includes tablet and printer
  • Accept reservations, pick up, curbside, & in-house delivery.
  • Pay Online or Pay In Person.
  • Dashboard with full range to update hours, photos, menus, and categories.
  • Enhanced real time reports showing guests' menu usage.
  • Inventory control on all menu items and modifiers. Ability to use countdowns instead of just 86’ing an item.
  • Ability to add "special menus" that are only offered at specific times.
    Create a happy hour menu from 2-4pm.
  • Ability to set up multiple course menus and add specific date & times and quantities available.
    You can add a 3 course Valentine’s Day menu complete with choices/ add-ons and specify from 5-9pm on Feb 14.
  • Create a happy hour menu from 2-4pm. You can add a 3 course Valentine's Day menu complete with choices/ add-ons and specify from 5-9pm on Feb 14.
  • Ability to rearrange menu and category configurations to highlight specific dishes to sell.
  • Forced and add-on modifiers to any meals.
    Possibly add steak temps/egg style or add-on soup or bottles of wine.
  • Ability to hide menu items that are out of stock for guests, you can show the items again once they are back, great for frequent features.
  • Create coupon codes for guests and track its sales.
    If you want to reward all First Responders with a 10% discount on all take-out orders.
  • Create special VIP groups and easily flag these guests.
  • Guests can choose to subscribe to email offers about upcoming specials that you create. Spend less money on advertising as you are selling directly to your customers. Ability to set up tip options for guests, they can choose to split tips with delivery staff and/or restaurant. Keep more of the tips for your staff instead of 3rd party drivers. Ability to flag specific menu items (alcohol, gift cards) that are not available for discounts. Set your lead time for online ordering, reservations, and delivery cooking times.
  • Review and feedback system which let guests provide feedback directly to you, be able to respond and follow up. Use this feedback to improve both your customer and staff relationships.
  • Send out promotions to guests who did not have a great experience. Real-time confirmation to guests when order placed, system tracks your staff response to accepting orders, guests’ confirmation on accepting orders.
  • Set your delivery fees based on distance
    Such as free delivery within 1.5 km.


If you currently have online ordering for take-out and delivery services through 3rd party companies, Focal Eats is an alternative for you to take control of your own guests and sell directly to your own guests. Add Focal Eats right away to start onboarding those guests who are costing you over 20% commission and have them order through you with Orange Toque Delivery Service.

If you currently do not have online ordering capabilities, Focal Eats can get you set up within 1 week to integrate with your website, integrate your menu online, and capture contactless purchases direct to your bank account.


Setup fee$0
Tablet & PrinterIncluded
Service Fee5%
Per Transaction fee$0.35

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